Obamacare has created divisive issues in America today. Though its intentions are good — to find a way to pay for healthcare for the poor and uninsured — the way Obamacare goes about achieving this is wrong, i.e., involving bigger government, raising taxes and negatively affecting the existing (and functioning) aspects of the healthcare system.

As a physician who has provided care for 24 years, I believe that there is an alternative to Obamacare that can help reduce the financial burden to care for the poor, while simultaneously preserving the rest of the healthcare system: Embedded charity care.

On Sept. 25, a group composed primarily of immigrant and minority business owners and managers will gather in the Global Mall to hear a panel of prominent Hispanics discuss their experiences and aspirations.

The event, co-sponsored by the Global Mall and the Tennessee Immigrant and Minority Business Group (TIMBG), will observe Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place this time every year. Since its reopening in May 2013, the Global Mall has been transformed into a multicultural melting pot, consisting of ethnic restaurants, shops and cultural events — reflecting the diversity of Southeast Nashville.

U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Rand Paul brought a familiar message to a group of Tennessee health care executives and professionals Monday.

"(We need to) move as rapidly and responsibly as we can away from Obamacare," said Alexander, R-Tennessee, at a question-and-answer after the session. Paul agreed, saying that a mutual opposition to Obamacare has united Republicans in Congress.

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