tcccIn 2007, Dr. Qiang Wu, MD, Ph.D., and Dr. Wang established the Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce, a 510c(3) non-profit with a mission to connect American and Chinese businessmen and businesswomen.

In his autobiography From Darkness to Sight (which inspired the movie Sight), Dr. Wang wrote:

As an American business owner who was born in China, I know both the cultural perspective of the East and the business mindset of the West. I believe a vital part of selling a product—for any business—is understanding the customer. Hence, learning about other cultures is no longer just the right thing to do as a citizen of the world today; it’s actually an economic necessity now since if we want to increase our exports to China, we need to learn about our customers. Through educational forums, TCCC teaches Tennessee business owners about our potential customers—the Chinese—including the history, people, and culture of China.