In 2008, Dr. Wang established a 501c(6) non-profit organization, the Wang Foundation for Christian Outreach to China.

In his autobiography From Darkness to Sight (which inspired the movie Sight), Dr. Wang wrote:

I founded the Wang Foundation for Christian Outreach to China, which funds the China Bible Pen Pal Project. Our goal is to deliver ten thousand Bibles to China, and to obtain email addresses from the Chinese people who receive the Bibles. We then disperse these email addresses to their Christian brothers and sisters in America, so they can become pen pals with these budding Chinese Christians in order to fellowship with them and nurture their faith. One person at a time, I want to give to the people of China the Christian faith that was given to me, a faith that has blessed my life richly. I am excited about the immense opportunity the China Bible Pen Pal Project has of recruiting a quarter of the human race for God’s kingdom!