Very impressed with Dr. Wang’s skills as a surgeon. His staff was professional and helpful in accommodating our work schedules. His life and testimony as a Christian were uplifting! Thank you for sharing your life experiences. Dr. Wang’s work ethic is incredible and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking and needing better vision without (or with less use of) glasses.

My whole experience with Dr. Wang’s team was wonderful! They are thorough, professional, and kind. Dr. Wang is a very skilled and thoughtful doctor and I am so happy I chose him to do my surgery!

Wang Vision staff made me feel comfortable with the progression of my treatment from evaluation all the way through to successful completion of cataract surgery. I traveled 80 miles one way to have Dr. Wang perform my surgery because of the many people he has helped to see. I would not have had anyone else do my surgery but him. Thanks to him I will have a better life with clear vision! Thanks!

I had a very positive experience! The doctor and staff were friendly and supportive. Overall a positive experience! I look forward to a lifetime of 20/20 vision!

I have been wearing contact lenses and glasses since 7th grade. I’ve wanted LASIK for a long time but the fear of choosing the right doctor delayed my process. After meeting Dr. Wang and researching him, my decision was made. I scheduled my evaluation and surgery on the same day. The surgery was so painless and I cannot thank Dr. Wang and his staff enough for their professionalism and calming my nerves. I could already see better twenty minutes after surgery! A miracle! I would recommend Dr. Wang and his staff to anyone! They are the best in the business!

I thank God my Father for guiding me to Dr. Ming Wang! I could see but very poorly; always dependent on glasses or contacts. Now I can see everything clearly without any aid and it’s SO WONDERFUL! It totally changed my life! Also, the entire staff, hand-picked by Dr. Wang himself, is so warm and caring! They treat you like family, instead of just another patient. I wish I could find more Doctor’s like Dr. Wang, it has made going to the doctor a pleasure instead of chore! Thank you Dr. Wang and his entire staff for making my life so much better! May God bless all of you very richly, always!

All of the staff were personable, friendly, professional, and excited for my new adventure into a world without corrective lenses. As anxious as I was, the staff, Dr. Connolly, and Dr. Wang answered all of my questions and made me feel so safe. All my fears transformed into excitement! I’d wanted LASIK since I was in high school and thanks to Dr. Wang and his seminars, it finally happened! The procedure was quick, painless, and incredibly professional. I really liked that they counted down the seconds on each eye, so I had something to focus on. I can’t believe in under 40 seconds per eye, they (and the laser) fixed my eyesight! I have kept Wang Vision Institute handouts from the seminars at my office, and in my car and would hand them out to anyone interested in LASIK, because Dr. Wang is the best! I’ve waited since 2008 for this and Dr. Wang was all I’d hope for and more!

My dad had an awesome experience at WVI. He had the 3D laser Forever Young Lens surgery. All of the staff were extremely nice and efficient!

I recently had Kamra inlay surgery with Dr. Wang in Nashville, TN. I had a very positive experience with Dr. Wang’s office and was greatly impressed with all of the office staff. The actual procedure took about 15 minutes and while it was uncomfortable, it was not painful. I am looking forward to improvement in my vision for reading. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wang to anyone that needs help with vision needs.

I was terrified of having LASIK surgery, but signed up at one of Dr. Wang’s seminars. I was fortunate I won one of the grand prize drawings so I made myself follow through. The day of, my stomach was in knots! Once I got to Dr> Wang’s office the staff kept me busy and put me at ease. Dr. Rock, Beth, Scott, James, Haley, and Eric all had great personalities and answered all my questions. They were a blessing! The actual procedure was completed in about two minutes. I didn’t feel anything. I had some discomfort about three hours afterwards, but my eyes were much, much better the next morning. I’m very excited about the furture and getting to look at life in a different perspective. If you are considering corrective surgery, make an appointment with WVI! You’ll be glad you did!